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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

10 Items I didn't need on my Baby Registry (well, mostly)

I've mentioned the items I've used most from my registry. What about things I haven't used (much)? What would you add to this list? What here has actually been really helpful?

1. Stroller. A carrier has been best to use for walks. While vacationing in sidewalked suburbs though, we had fun trying out a stroller. And when we explored Magic Kingdom, we rented a stroller. So I see how a mom might be glad to have a stroller.

2. Socks and shoes. I don't bother with them until Baby is walking.

3. Baby food. About six months, we start on mashable veggies and fruit. Then it's egg yolks and yogurt.

4. Humidifier. Sounds like a good idea. I just haven't had one.

5. Bouncer/ Swing/ Jumper. This is mostly because I don't like having several things around to stub my toe on. Still when our Chubby Bear was quickly getting heavy to carry around, I cleaned up a used bouncer. It was wonderful to have. But now our little Friar Tuck is happy to play on a quilt.

6. Wash cloths. I've used them. But more often I forget and just use my hand to cup water. I do love the cute ducky towel (even though Baby's toes stick out when wrapped after about seven months!). I've wrapped each Baby Boy in the ducky towel. Some things become precious to me like that.

7. Boppy pillow. I like how you could tuck baby in it! I've just used various pillows around the house for nursing.

8. Baby monitor. I used one until I realized I could hear Baby just fine in our small house without it.

9. Nursing bra. I prefer I regular brassiere (just slide the strap over the shoulder). Nursing pads are helpful for the first weeks though!

10. Jackets for Baby. I wrap him in a blanket and strap a winter cap on his sweet head.

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