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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Evening Primrose Oil to Ripen the Cervix

My midwife recommended Evening Primrose Oil to ripen the cervix during the third trimester. Did you know you can pick it up at Walmart in the vitamin section?

I enjoyed this gentle aid both pregnancies and believe it works well.

Starting at about 34 weeks (obviously not before), take one daily with food. Then close to estimated due date, take three times daily with meals orally. Plus at night, insert three vaginally.

The capsules dissolve and the oil softens the cervix.

Anyone else found this helpful?

More info: Basic explanation of Evening Primrose Oil on LoveToKnow. And I appreciate this careful, easy-to-read review of Evening Primrose Oil on Natural Motherhood. She also asks a fair question, "Do our bodies really need something to help us go into labor?" What do you think ...

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