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Saturday, May 2, 2015

How Important is Centimeters Dilated?

It's how I tell my of my first son's birth: "Then the midwife checked, and I was already 8 cm! ..."

It does indicate progress, but as this informative article explains - there's much more to observe than an opening cervix.

Here's a quote from Midwife ThinkingVaginal examinations: a symptom of a cervix-centric birth culture.

The truth is that women’s bodies are complex, unique and immeasurable. Birth is a multidimensional experience that cannot be accurately defined by anyone outside of the experience. We – those of us who give birth and/or attend birth – know this. 

Let's not oversimplify birth or try to put it on a neat timeline.

What's been your experience?


  1. I read the article you quoted as well (which is how I found your blog), and I really appreciate her viewpoint. As much as we like hearing that we're dilating, and what number we've now reached, I think it can certainly be detrimental and don't plan on having VE's in my next birth. I'm getting more and more natural with each birth (I've had three kiddos so far and we're trying for #4). :) - Valerie

  2. It's a learning journey for me too. Wishing you and yours all the best, Valerie.