Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. --John Milton

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Unmarveled

A soul sparks unfanned.
How long will this go on?
A portal opens to heaven's glory
And angels herald as God bows low to kiss lips with first breath.

How long will our senses be dulled?

Fear and shame drum upon a mother's heart.
She opens her mouth,
But the notes she cannot hear;
She's forgotten the song to welcome her own.

How long will one go unreceived?

How long will circumstances determine worth?
How long will society look at productivity?
Tomorrow, will we awake to the silent scream?
What spell guards this slumber?

While we sleep, heaven's hands craft
A treasure awaiting reveal:
She has fingerprints like none other,
He has eyes never before seen;
Her heart pounds to love and be loved,
His mouth has a unique song to sing.
Will I wake up in time to meet her?
Will I dance when heaven hands him to me?

When will doctors all doctor
And nurses all nurse?
When will mothers all mother
And fathers hold their little ones close?

Where is she - I want to rescue her!
Where is he - I want him to be safe!
Show me. We've got to escape her danger;
He must live out his days knowing love.

What welcome is this - a knife.
What kind of crib - a bin of trash.

How could we have become so regardless
Of a treasure most valuable on earth?
Hospitals are built to save lives - why will no one feed her?
Why do nurses ignore his cry?

Where is her mother, charged to protect her?
Where is his father, made to provide?
Is it leprosy of the heart -
Why can any no longer feel?

Pain and confusion,
Mystery and disaster -
Grappling to control all,
To control something, anything.

The more we struggle,
The deeper we sink;
The tighter we grasp,
The worse we hurt.

And we miss the sunrise.

She's a hug in the pain,
He's a spark in the dark;
She's a gift in the ugly,
He's love in the hate.

The trusting is trampled,
The innocent is charged;
The gift is the scapegoat,
And the defenseless killed.

Heaven weeps and thunders,
Roses droop with the tears.
When will every life be celebrated?
When will love win over fear?

May she die in arms of love;
May he close his eyes in peace.

She is a marvel unmarveled.
He remains a gift unreceived.
How long til she's marveled?
How long until he's mourned?

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