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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Call the Midwife Review

Have any of you enjoyed Call the Midwife as much as I have? Since a second friend recommended the show, my husband and I have watched up to series three, episode two.

As much as I like the characters and the story, I'm most of all impressed by its interaction with birth. Every time, every circumstance - it handles new life with reverence. The theme of love weaves through each day for the busy nurse-midwifes.

I also appreciate the way the midwives and doctor work together. Plus the majority of births are delivered naturally.

More info? The Call the Midwife facebook page


  1. I LOVE Call the Midwife!! I adore all things birth anyway, and then the acting and unique situations of the show make it all the better! *two thumbs up* - Valerie

  2. It's fun to hear that you like the show too!