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Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Tale of Two Births PART 1

I adore this lady! and benefit so much from her insight. Julie, welcome to aWonderfulBirth. 

My husband and I were still newlyweds when we found out we were expecting our first baby. They say all you need is love... and that's about all we had at that point in life. 

One of our first steps in planning for this baby's arrival was to call our medical insurance company. That's when we found out that we didn't have any maternity coverage. 

As we researched affordable options, we discovered the world of homebirth. We learned that a certified nurse midwife in our town had been in practice long enough to have delivered half a dozen of our friends as babies, and after a consultation, we launched into plans for delivering the wee one in our little apartment seven months hence.

The pregnancy went beautifully and I ended month number eight with a bump so petite you wouldn't guess I was hiding an almost-full-term baby in there. 

The day the midwife did our home visit to verify our preparations was when the trouble began. "It feels like the baby has its hands over its head," the midwife said. "The baby is pushing back at me when I do an internal check," she said.

Two weeks later at our next appointment, the same thing happened. An ultrasound confirmed that our baby was in a footling breech position. I tried everything to turn the baby from standing on my head to visiting specialist chiropractors to ECV. 

Nothing helped and our midwife was firm that she did not feel it was safe for her to deliver our first baby in this particular breech position.

One week and ten-thousand dollars in medical bills later, on the evening of her due date, our perfect 6 lb. baby girl was born via c-section. The c-section was performed by a family practice doctor (rather than an OB-GYN) who was a family friend. 

We started down the journey of nursing, swaddling blankets, and smiles and never looked back.

Stop in next Thursday for the beautiful continuation of Julie's story.

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