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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Baby Is Breech (PART 2)

I'm back with the midwife for a checkup. Baby has been elusive for me the past couple of days about whether he's up or down. Just maybe ...

My midwife places her hands on my baby bump for a moment, and says that she wants to see on the ultrasound to be sure. While we're waiting, we talk about breech birth.

She notes that hospitals in NC don't do breech naturally as far as she is aware, and the center doesn't do it either.

I share how in wanting to do the safest thing for Baby, I hesitate to let the hospital handle it - birth is just not generally their area of expertise. And I see possibly even more risk in going to a hospital for a c-section than in having a natural, unattended home birth.

Ideally, I would want a natural breech birth at home with an experienced attendant. Unfortunately, a NC law makes finding and hiring an attendant skilled in breech almost impossible.

My midwife understands, and she shares about the most common complications with breech.

I've read about others in my situation who have gone ahead and delivered just fine. I recognize though that it's more challenging without a skilled midwife in addition to being more difficult to deliver bottom first.

The ultrasound technician gels my tummy. And there's his head ready to dive out - no cannonball entry this time!

I don't notice the weight of concern until it lifts.

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