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Monday, January 19, 2015

My Baby Is Breech (PART 1)

My midwife feels my belly for a moment and announces, "Your baby's bottom is down." She instructs me to do inversion exercises everyday, three times a day.

At my next checkup in two weeks if baby is still breech, she recommends an appointment with the chiropractor. And she shares a fabulous website.

I'm learning so much through the researched articles and am doing daily exercises.

I've been doing these three techniques:

#1 - Forward-Leaning Inversion

#2 - Breech Tilt

#3 - Open-Knee Chest

Twenty minutes feels long when I'm looking up at my toes. I rub my tummy and tell Baby to please turn and make this all a bit easier. And I plan for if he doesn't.

My two year old joins me on my propped-up board. He looks up at his toes and laughs.

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