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Monday, January 5, 2015

I Find a Birth Center

"Do the midwives support natural birth?" I asked the nurse over the phone. She assured me that they tried to. "Do women usually labor in bed, or do they use various positions?" I pursued. She hesitated, "All the women labor in bed." That's when I knew this highly-recommended midwife hospital practice was not for me.

So I Goggled "birth center." One came up in the search - an hour from where my husband and I planned to move. I was eight out of ten months pregnant.

All things considered, we decided the birth center was our best option. I made an appointment.

When I finally arrived for my checkup, I almost cried with relief - the atmosphere was so pleasant and baby/mama friendly compared to the hospital checkups I had experienced. The midwife took her time talking with me. She felt my belly and skillfully described my baby's position.

When I came moaning at eight centimeters dilated, the midwives were as calm as lilies in the morning sun.

They don't think of birth as an emergency. They see it as a gift.

That's been my experience. Places and practitioners differ of course. What's been your interaction with a particular birth center?

Want more info? Check out this wonderful birth center: Natural Beginnings Birth and Wellness Center. They also have wonderful resources.

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