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Monday, January 12, 2015

Birth Makes You Uncomfortable?

I understand. Many people are uneasy when hearing of my son's water birth in a birth center or of my second baby's home birth.

We grew up with assumptions about birth. Including: "the hospital is safest," "the cord is dangerous," and "complications are the norm." So perhaps that's why someone may think I'm being reckless, uninformed, or unsafe.

I can relate. At each step along my journey to educate myself about birth, I felt unsettled. I squirmed when hearing of an unattended birth. I was weirded out by water birth. I thought breech birth typically required a cesarean.

And then I learned the facts about birth. Understanding birth frees me from irrational fears and helps me prepare for realistic concerns. I learn when I should feel uncomfortable about something and change my approach. For example, a transverse (sideways) baby can't fit vaginally, calling for the skilled intervention of an Obstetrician. A frank breech baby, however, can navigate just fine when a mother's body relaxes. In fact, intervention during a breech birth may jeopardize the baby.

The key is to know when to do something and when to keep hands off. And always recognizing that baby and mama were made for birth.

What assumptions have you had that changed as you learned more about birth?

Want more info? Try this thorough book Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper or the wonderful blog

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