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Monday, December 29, 2014

Who's in Charge?

I do have a choice. In fact, it's my job to make choices for my child from his conception. Even when the right choice is clear, it's still mine to own.

Have you ever heard "If my doctor let's me ..." or "My midwife said I have to ..." ?

Right. Many of us tend to think this way - that the expert is in charge of my pregnancy, of my baby.

Actually, I'm responsible. Why? I didn't get to be a parent because of my skill and knowledge. I'm a parent because God gave me a precious gift, a serious responsibility.

My baby is my charge. Even if a decision about my pregnancy is obvious, it's still mine to make. Requiring guidance and support doesn't diminish my authority. I rely on experts for advice and assistance, without shifting the weight from my shoulders.

After her birth, whom does my baby go home with? The midwife? The nurse? The obstetrician? The doula? My mom? Each of these experts have an important role. But's she's not their kid. She's mine. My charge.

I'm ultimately responsible to make all decisions and live with them.

How have experts respected or not respected you as the parent?

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