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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Story of a Beautiful Breech Birth

Many of us were nervous about birth and particularly breech until we understood it better. Here's a video giving us a glimpse of a precious welcome. 

This is a third baby, her second natural (vaginal) birth and first home birth for this family. The baby was small and full term. Apgar Scores were 10 and 10. You also see the first 30 seconds after the birth. 
The t-shirt was worn to make Robin Guy and the women of Coalition for Breech Birth smile --they made these t-shirts for the CBB conference in 2009. It says, "Whose afraid of a little bum?" and on the back, "Not me." I almost didn't wear it because of magical thinking, but choose faith instead of fear, community instead of isolation. Thanks, CBB community!Thanks especially much to the brilliant Jane Evans, UK Midwife and the full-hearted Drs. Anke Rietter and Frank Louwen of Germany for their Day at the Breech training in Ottawa which improved the way I attend breech births. I'm no expert, but simply responded to this woman's clear determination.
She had a cesarean for breech with her first, and had a homebirth for breech with her second. 
If she'd have been able to have a hospital breech birth she wouldn't have gone looking for a homebirth midwife. That being said, I do believe we gave her excellent care. This birth is probably safer than what would have happened in a typical US hospital right now. Being hands-off allowed her baby to do the cardinal movements. ...
What's your breech story?

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