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Monday, November 17, 2014

My Husband Won't Get in the Birth Pool

Good for the man who will get in the birth pool with his laboring wife. My husband is not that guy.

He's fully supportive of my natural approach, but he'd rather be smoking his pipe in the other room during the birth then be in the middle of it. So it's tremendous of him to hold my hands and let me scream in his face.

I'm still learning to let him be who he is, supporting me in the way he does. To not assume of him. And to ask him what he thinks and then really listen.

Any other wives know what I'm talking about?

When I read someone else's birth experience that I admire, I can think her story must be mine. Then I remember: every birth is unique. I'm a mama like no other. And the Cowboy - well, that's why I fell in love - he's him and no other.

I do make suggestions, like that he might cut the cord. Or I ask him to help support me while I practice laboring positions.

But when I push too hard, we both feel stressed. When I let go, we both relax and enjoy our unique experience.

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