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Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Mama Who Has the Courage to Question

Some have a wonderful experience with an OB/GYN and other hospital staff. If that's you, please share. It varies place to place, person to person, doesn't it? I'm convinced there are unfortunate tendencies in the emergency-minded hospital setting for the majority of births that aren't an emergency, but good things can be said too.

I share this gals story, because it reminds me a little of my own interaction with some (not all) hospital personnel.

She has a lot of courage and love for her baby. Here's part of what she shares:
We've been through a lot these past few weeks. My OB practice and I parted ways on bad terms. Technically, they kicked me out, but at the same time as I was already looking for a new provider. They refused to explain the reasons behind their recommendations and became shockingly belligerent, aggressive, and threatening towards me when I wouldn't just follow blindly and stop asking questions.
So I tried transferring to a midwife practice, assuming I would be accepted as the healthy, low risk, attentive mom-to-be that I am. All it took was a call to my previous provider and before I knew it, I had been declined from their practice. It was "too risky" to accept a patient who was kicked out of another practice for non-compliance and high results from a 1-hr glucose test (that I later found out hadn't even been administered properly). I couldn't retake the test correctly. I couldn't provide my 2 weeks of glucose monitoring results showing I'm below diabetic levels after every meal. I couldn't explain my side of the story of why I was kicked out. I'm just a risk. ...
Please read the whole to story to find out the happy ending.

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