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Monday, October 20, 2014

I Find Natural Birth

I live in America. For birth, that pretty much means obstetrics - you know, check-ups with brisk nurses, check lists of procedures, and check-ins to sterile birthing rooms.

I understand this has been the norm, at least for our moms and grandmoms. So for about a century, birth has been the hospital's expertise.

A few brave souls haven't nodded numbly to the one-size-fits-all system. But now more than a few of us find empowering information at our fingertips.

A Google search connects me to a dozen resources to consider - not just one hurried obstetrician's answer.

For my first, I instinctively took full responsibility for my pregnancy. I wanted to know what I was doing and why. During initial check-ups with a hospital practice, some were courteous and some were rude.

Thanks to the internet and supportive friends, I learned enough to decline a litany of undesired ultrasounds and tests and to eventually seek out a birth center. There, a natural view of birth fully opened to me.

And I've been studying a natural perspective ever since. What about you? What resources have been helpful?

Want more info? Try Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper R. N. or which includes various birth stories. 


  1. The film, Business of Being Born.
    The book, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way.
    The blog, Birth Without Fear
    And talking with others who have had natural births!

  2. Business of Being Born helped inform me during my first pregnancy. Birth Without Fear is beautiful in layout and content - much to explore here.