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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bethany on Transition

I can relate to this gal as she talks about Transition! When it hit me, I had no idea what was happening. Now I can laugh at how irrational I got. It really wasn't funny then.

Read her full post The Hardest Part of Labor. Here's an excerpt.

I sat on the toilet in our bathroom, holding onto my husband and drowning in sheer misery. This labor was too hard. I felt like I was about to die from pressure and pain. Or scream in frustration.

It wasn't this difficult last time, was it? I’m sure it wasn’t. Nothing could be as horrible as what I was going through at that moment. Nothing.

I looked up countless times to tell my husband that we were having no more kids. No more! I’d say. I am finished doing this! But the words never made it past my lips. Instead I thought it to myself, drowning in pain and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. This was one experience I couldn't escape. The baby was coming, whether I wanted her to or not.

Anyone else relating?

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